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In addition to formaldehyde, bamboo plants suck

DATE:2016-5-11 8:49:50
Moved into the newly renovated home is a great joy in life, but everywhere in the said, the decoration of formaldehyde pollution makes a person's heart a tight. How to do it? All weapon: buy a few big bamboo charcoal placed in the house, is said to this thing can not only absorb peculiar smell, to see not see formaldehyde also has special effect; plant pots of green plants in the house, especially the spider plant, the formaldehyde absorption capacity is called a strong. Bamboo charcoal, green plants? Rely on them to remove formaldehyde, can be effective?
Bamboo charcoal Vs. formaldehyde: absorption is not absorbed
Some advertisements claimed that bamboo charcoal has a strong adsorption capacity of formaldehyde, and claims that there is experimental evidence. But these experimental conditions can not let people suspicious, they are the bamboo charcoal is placed in a nearly saturated steam formaldehyde, up to 68 mg of formaldehyde adsorption capacity per gram of charcoal is in this state measured, such an environment, just thrown into a piece of wood can also smoke into the smell of formaldehyde. The key issue is that the bamboo charcoal can not lock the formaldehyde, the results of the experiment is disappointing. Once the full absorption of formaldehyde of bamboo charcoal into no formaldehyde pollution in the air in the room, above the formaldehyde will be released quickly, within 3 hours per gram of charcoal in the formaldehyde content can fell to 34 mg, 1 day drops to 1.6 mg -- all of a sudden the decontamination products into the sewage pollution source.
The so-called bamboo charcoal adsorption capacity, mainly because of this amorphous carbon (different from the diamond crystal carbon, although the chemical composition is the same as) there are a lot of size in the micro pore structure. Just like the water can seep in the sand. These ingredients are formaldehyde, water can seep through the pores inside the bamboo charcoal. However, as the experiment shows, in addition to formaldehyde contained in the pore, bamboo charcoal and no any special mechanism to limit their freedom, just as water can from inside the sand evaporate as, formaldehyde can also from the volatile in the bamboo charcoal.
Even do bamboo charcoal adsorption formaldehyde experimental researchers also pointed out that the adsorption of activated carbon for formaldehyde is not stable, and even less than the water molecules combined with tight. If the indoor air humidity, the adsorption of water molecules will be more than formaldehyde, and even before the adsorption of formaldehyde on the bamboo charcoal to squeeze down. Of course, if the bamboo charcoal in the pores of some of the substances can react with formaldehyde, so that the real elimination of formaldehyde, the effect will be better. But there are no such products.
Many advertisements are intended to cover these issues, sweeping claims that charcoal activated carbon material with special "adsorption effect", is more in the out of context, act dumb. In actual use, the changing environment conditions, there is no way to determine whether the bamboo charcoal adsorption of formaldehyde, indoor formaldehyde content is not reduced, it is not known.
In addition to the bamboo charcoal, the use of green plants to deal with formaldehyde is often heard. The plant in addition to formaldehyde effective?
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