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Remove formaldehyde, do not listen to the company's flicker, the following is my search to the real scientific method, the most effective is the negative oxygen

DATE:2016-5-24 9:14:50
1, ventilation method
Ventilation method does not need too to explain is air flow through the harmful gases is discharged to the outside, which is a simple and effective method, the only drawback is formaldehyde release cycle is long, generally three years to 15 years, decoration will new home idle for more than three years is clearly unrealistic. Trapped by ventilation alone can not reach the requirements of the law.
2, formaldehyde scavenger or formaldehyde solution enzyme
Formaldehyde scavenger is to rely on chemical reaction method "to get rid of" formaldehyde, the essence of this method is to reduce the toxicity of the target material or into non-toxic substances. Formaldehyde, can be oxidized to formic acid, can also be reduced to methanol, toxicity and irritation of these two substances are lower than formaldehyde, however, their toxicity still exists. For example some strong oxidation of formaldehyde scavenger, the oxidation of formaldehyde, but it itself is easy to decompose, spray on the board will say no damage to the wood, and within a few hours will lose effectiveness, it is not possible to achieve a spray Yong Yi ". Moreover, the high concentration of the cleaning agent sprayed in the air, will produce new pollution hazards. Other oxidants, reducing agents are not effective removal of formaldehyde, and will introduce a similar new pollution.
For some businesses propaganda, formaldehyde dissolving enzyme through the infiltration to the plate, harmful gas scavenging principle, is not credible, a lot of plate in the production process are after high humidity high pressure, and often surface skinning, formaldehyde scavenger how to penetrate into the interior to it?
3, activated carbon adsorption
Nankai University dedicated to the study of activated carbon, Li said that the early use of activated carbon does have an effect, because the pores with adsorption potential, is formed by carbon molecules are adsorbed molecular attraction, smaller pore size and adsorption potential stronger. Also according to the theory of molecular motion, all bodies are made up of atoms, molecules or composition, there is a gap between them and is never cease diffuse irregular thermal motion state, molecules collide with each other very frequently. From the relevant information, in the standard state, the formaldehyde free movement speed of about 450 m / sec, a formaldehyde molecule and other molecules to collide 109 times per second. At this point, the diameter of the collision molecule with the activated carbon pores if the match, that is, the adsorption of. Whether traditional activated carbon, or the current speculation more modified activated carbon, because of its large pores, adsorption capacity is limited.
Miss Li denied the market announced the use of activated carbon for a period of time after the sun can be followed by the use of the statement. He thought. "The highest temperature of the sun is about 50 degrees Celsius. It can only evaporate water.". Adsorption of pollutants in the activated carbon can not completely volatile, carbon adsorption function can not be fully recovered."
Many products can be quickly and efficiently promote the removal of formaldehyde, such as a brand of activated carbon can be 6 hours formaldehyde removal rate of 92.9%......" And so on, Li believes that the existence of a serious exaggeration, this is simply not possible. Activated carbon is by pore passive adsorption, the adsorption in the air of harmful substances must rely on air as the medium, but indoor air flow is poor, activated carbon in a short period of time hardly adsorb distance in the air of harmful substances, and decoration of formaldehyde release from 3 to 15 years can be clean. How can it be is such a big effect to clear them away? Due to the adsorption capacity of activated carbon itself is limited, and the plate and other furniture in the formaldehyde has been continuously released to the outside, so a lot of consumption using activated carbon after all feel the effect, is the reason. Would like to stay in the new premises of consumers, by the active carbon certainly can not solve the problem"

In addition, according to business publicity under the premise can be reused, the shelf life of activated carbon can reach 5-8 months, is also debatable, "three months shall not, and in every 10 square meter placement 1 kg of activated carbon under the premise, a month later, the adsorption capacity of activated carbon is weaker and weaker the."

Responsibility editor:Hao Sun

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