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How to avoid the formaldehyde pollution in life

DATE:2016-5-23 9:41:25
Formaldehyde where to come?
Decoration pollution, the culprit is usually less formaldehyde. Can we wear clothes, why there will be the shadow of formaldehyde? In fact, life, we are likely to encounter with formaldehyde everywhere, housing, food, clothing and cosmetics have formaldehyde. Well known indoor formaldehyde pollution mainly from the decoration materials, such as artificial board, plastic flooring, chemical fiber materials, carpets, etc.. In addition, there are unscrupulous traders to formaldehyde as bleaching agents, preservatives used, Yuba, tripe, sea cucumber, squid, chicken and other often by using formalin bubble hair and keep fresh. Formaldehyde is also used in textile printing and dyeing. Formaldehyde is a good additive can be used to wrinkle, solid color, shrinkage resistance.
We start with the characteristics of formaldehyde. Formaldehyde at room temperature is gaseous often appear in the form of a water solution, soluble in water and ethanol, 35 to 40% formaldehyde aqueous solution called formalin and used to prevent rotting corpses. Formaldehyde is a protoplasmic poison, can bind with protein.

Effect of formaldehyde is the main wrinkle, shrink of water. Cotton fabric is the biggest trouble is a wrinkle, shrink, and comfortable clothes, washing after lots of wrinkles will add a lot of trouble to the people. And formaldehyde can make the cotton fiber in the long chain of cellulose molecules cross connection, that is, with formaldehyde treated clothes, washed after the wrinkle is no longer, it will not shrink. So some manufacturers use containing formaldehyde wrinkle agent, especially some of the production plant in order to reduce the cost, the use of high formaldehyde content of the cheap additives. These clothes formaldehyde will in wearing and use it in the process of the gradual release of free formaldehyde, the human respiratory tract, eyes, and the body's largest organ, the skin contact induced disease.

Responsibility editor:Hao Sun

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