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Formaldehyde pollution: The Untouchables hide it?

DATE:2016-5-19 8:57:53
On September 5, Jilin Amdo students suspected because of formaldehyde poisoning cough than, nausea and vomiting, epistaxis and ocular hyperemia symptoms. After the network exposure caused widespread social concern. 10, Jilin Province, the people's Government of the city people's government issued a statement on the results of the consultation.
And regardless of whether the official investigation of the end of the formaldehyde in the event of the "charges", people still on the "indoor formaldehyde pollution" have a high degree of vigilance.
As is known to all, formaldehyde is a WHO to determine the carcinogenic and mutagenic substances, but also one of the potential strong mutagenic substances, have a negative impact on human health. Scientific research has proved that long-term exposure to low doses of formaldehyde will cause harm to human health. Moreover, the combined effects of formaldehyde and known killer leukaemia benzene is more terrible -- animal experiments show that formaldehyde and benzene could affect mice red blood cell and bone marrow cell micronucleus cell rate, the strongest effect of combined action.
Formaldehyde pollution come from
"Formaldehyde is the main pollutant in the newly decorated homes in China's urban and rural areas." According to a survey by the indoor environmental monitoring committee of the Chinese interior decoration Association, more than 60% newly decorated homes in China have different levels of formaldehyde pollution.
As a chemical raw material, the formaldehyde pollution from where we come from?
The national indoor car environmental protection products quality supervision and Testing Center Director Song Guangsheng told the China Science News "reporter, formaldehyde pollution in the indoor environment is mainly produced by building materials, decoration materials and furniture, main source in a variety of man-made plank, coatings, adhesives, agent and other chemical building materials products.
"Artificial board is the main source of formaldehyde in indoor environment." Song Guangsheng said that at present, the use of artificial board adhesive production is using formaldehyde as the main component of urea formaldehyde resin, plank of the residual and did not participate in the reaction of formaldehyde will gradually release to the surrounding environment, resulting in excessive levels of formaldehyde in indoor air.
It is determined that the 100cm2 plywood can be released within 1 hours of 3 to 18 micrograms of formaldehyde. Decoration materials in the release of formaldehyde is a slow process, a study by the University of Yokohama, Japan, a study has shown that the release of formaldehyde in the artificial plate in the time of sustainable 3~15. Therefore, many of the decoration has been a long time, there is also a problem of excessive formaldehyde concentration.
Sheet suck, furniture also shot". Song Guangsheng said that the individual furniture manufacturers in order to pursue profit, the use of substandard materials, manufacturing process is not standardized, so that furniture became a formaldehyde emission station". Beijing Consumers Association conducted a comparative test results show that: in Beijing, the 60 sets of samples extracted density furniture model, there are 29 sets of formaldehyde standard, not nearly half of the standard rate.

It is worth noting that formaldehyde pollution is not the decoration of the housing and furniture "patent", decoration of the "blank room" is also a problem of formaldehyde pollution. Song Guangsheng told reporters, from the concrete admixture of formaldehyde pollution, is also one of the causes of indoor environmental pollution.

Responsibility editor:Hao Sun

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