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A comprehensive understanding of the dangers of air pollution can better protect our homes

DATE:2016-5-18 8:58:19
Air pollution, also known as air pollution, usually due to human activities or natural processes caused by certain substances into the atmosphere, showing a sufficient concentration, achieve enough time, and hence endangers the human comfort, health and welfare, or the environment phenomenon ". So what is the harm of air pollution?
(1) harm to the human body
People need to breathe the air to keep their lives. An adult breathes about 20 thousand times a day, breathing air up to 20 to 15 cubic meters. Therefore, the polluted air has a direct impact on human health.
Atmospheric pollutants to human body harm is various, mainly is the respiratory diseases and physiological dysfunction, and eye nose mucosa irritation and sick.
The smoke of the disaster is called "the killing of the smoke."". According to the analysis, this is because there is no wind, a few days in London fog. [2] the chimneys of the factories and residential heating, discharge of waste gas and smoke filled the air in the city of London durable lingers, the highest dust concentration of 4.46 mg / M 3, the daily average concentration of sulfur dioxide actually reached 3.83 ml / M 3. Sulfur dioxide by a chemical reaction to generate sulfate liquid foam attached to the dust or condensation on the droplet, with the breath into the organ, the incidence in the death of patients with chronic diseases or accelerated. This is called photochemical pollution.

By the preceding example shows, that high concentrations of pollutants in the atmosphere, caused acute poisoning, or the deterioration of symptoms, even in a few days claimed thousands of lives. Actually, even if the concentration of pollutants in the atmosphere is not high, but the body of the pollution experimented breathe the air, caused by chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, emphysema and lung cancer etc. disease.

Responsibility editor:Hao Sun

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