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"Leukemia" children to increase, formaldehyde hazard is worth attention

DATE:2016-5-13 8:53:25
Guiyang, a couple bought a new house 8 years ago, after the renovation of a good marriage, followed by his wife pregnant, children. Not long ago, the couple 7 years old children was found suffering from leukemia, after testing, the new house although the decoration has reached eight years, but the indoor formaldehyde also exceeded 6 times, lead to children suffering from leukemia "murderer" is formaldehyde. The great harm of formaldehyde could not help but make people tremble with fear.

According to experts, the use of a variety of household decoration indoor construction and decoration materials, formaldehyde, styrene and other organic solvents, is a WHO recognized carcinogens. Children hematopoietic system and delicate, bone metabolism, active, due to the time they spend in the home is also far more than adults and more easily by these pollutants violation; and formaldehyde than air slightly heavier, in the air deposition height of 1.2 to 1.5 meters, is just a child's body, so formaldehyde on children harm is serious!

Harm of excessive formaldehyde
China's "indoor air formaldehyde health standards" (GB/T16127-1995), formaldehyde health standards for 0.08mg/m3. When the formaldehyde content in the air exceeds the standard, will produce the following symptoms:
Eyes: irritation of the mucous membranes cause tearing formaldehyde is an irritant, when the concentration reaches a certain degree, first will stimulate the mucous membranes of the eyes, dry, tears, eyes of the symptoms.
Skin: high concentration of formaldehyde will cause some people allergic to skin itching, mild skin rash symptoms. Suffering from dermatitis, eczema, people in the environment for a long time formaldehyde concentration is likely to aggravate the condition.
Respiratory: sore throat, nasal dryness, cough, chest tightness. According to the specialist, the high concentration of formaldehyde stimulation easily lead to the upper and lower respiratory tract disease. Long-term excessive formaldehyde in the environment, but also may cause respiratory allergic reactions, similar symptoms of asthma, rhinitis, and even cause cell variation, resulting in respiratory tract tumors.
Blood: Although there is no rigorous scientific research shows that the exact relationship between formaldehyde and cancer, but the medical profession recognized that formaldehyde can reduce immunity, causing two mutations in the gene. Shanghai has a children's leukemia survey, which 60%-70% children have lived in the newly renovated room. There are many clinical cases show that there is a certain correlation between formaldehyde and leukemia, tumor.

It is worth mentioning that, carcinogenic housing renovation is not only because of the pollution of formaldehyde and BTEX (benzene, toluene and xylene) joint toxicity also nots allow to ignore, and formaldehyde on animal genetic toxicity have synergistic effect. In addition, indoor air temperature, humidity, ventilation decreased, it is possible to increase the level of indoor formaldehyde concentration, and ultimately increase the risk of formaldehyde on the human body.

Responsibility editor:Hao Sun

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