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Decoration in addition to the best way to open the best methods of formaldehyde decoration tips

DATE:2016-5-5 8:51:47
As we all know, the new house decoration in the room of formaldehyde will exceed the standard, but the harm of formaldehyde on the human body is very large, then room formaldehyde exceeded are some what performance? As we all know, in the indoor placed some plants, plants can absorb formaldehyde, reduce indoor formaldehyde concentration, decoration in addition to formaldehyde in the best way, so which plants are most easily absorb formaldehyde do?
A, indoor formaldehyde how to do?
1, to keep the indoor air circulation; keep the home clean and dry, avoid the use of containing volatile organic pollutants of the daily activities, at home is best not to smoke, the kitchen cooking food to use when cooking fume exhauster. Home should reduce the pet and large area of the carpet, so as not to cause allergies. The release of formaldehyde in the plate for three to fifteen years, not through the green plants or open windows can be solved. Therefore, the formaldehyde removal of all kinds of man-made plank is the key to solve the decoration pollution, and it is also a truly effective method.
2, at present, the market appeared some of the equipment and technology to purify formaldehyde in indoor air, you can choose according to the situation of indoor air pollution.
Two, indoor formaldehyde removal method
1, physical adsorption technology in addition to formaldehyde
Mainly all kinds of air purifier, China has some manufacturers produce purifier products, but most manufacturers are still the production of mechanical filtration, ozone and air negative ion generator. This kind of product is mainly absorbed in the air in the suspended matter, indoor formaldehyde and other pollutants also have a certain adsorption.
(1) air purifier: indoor formaldehyde and other pollutants have a certain adsorption.
(2) Maya blue material: with numerous micro pores and weak electricity, can be a large number of adsorption and lock formaldehyde, toluene and other harmful molecules, and the decomposition of harmless gas, is a good addition to formaldehyde.
(3) the harmful gas absorber, furniture can treasure: the adsorption of indoor formaldehyde and other harmful gases catalytic decomposition.
(4) in addition to the flavor agent and formaldehyde scavenger: in the use of the renovation project, can effectively reduce the free formaldehyde in the artificial board. The common use of the method is to spray formaldehyde scavenger or formaldehyde scavenger in indoor air, or to use some preparation which can immediately remove the peculiar smell. These methods can only be used to clear the free formaldehyde, can not be released on the fundamental man-made board formaldehyde effective. There is a kind of formaldehyde removal method is under the principle of closed, directly to the furniture surface, with the formaldehyde scavenger, in furniture surface stay transparent or light with the white film, sealing method although there are immediate effect, but for a long time closed will also have vulnerabilities, and can not fundamentally remove formaldehyde.

(5) formaldehyde sealant: Furniture wall without brushing on the paint processing and wood-based panel, reduce formaldehyde emission.

Responsibility editor:Hao Sun

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